Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Summer reading

It seems like Term 4 is going really fast, so now is a good time to think about how you are going to get books to read over the summer holidays. As well as borrowing books from our library, we have the Duffy book offer that came out last week- buy 3 books for $10. Add 'books' to your Christmas wishlist if you make one, or ask for book vouchers. When I was at school ( a really long time ago!) my Great-Grandmother gave me a Whitcoulls book voucher every birthday and Christmas and I used to spend hours choosing which book to buy. She loved reading and was still getting library books when she was 98!
You could think about joining Hutt Libraries if you don't already have a card, it's free and if you have a tablet or ereader you can download ebooks to read even if you are on holiday. There are heaps of new children's ebooks now and you can reserve them like other books if they are out.
If you have seen my desk lately you might have seen me working on The Great Dyer Street School Summer Reading Challenge. It has a Kiwiana theme, and you will all take one home to do over the holidays, and all finished entries go into the draw to win some book prizes. 


Monday, 14 October 2013

Lovely to see so many of you in the library on the first day back at school. I love hearing what you have been reading over the holidays, you can always email me at if you can't wait to share or need suggestions for what to read next. The last lot of new books for the year arrived yesterday- I listened to what you wanted and bought more books with a war theme. One of my favourites is The Midnight Zoo. If you enjoyed Morris Gleitzman's Once series you will like this. I also highly recommend Robert Westall's The Machine Gunners for years 5 and 6 students, I think some parents will enjoy this too.
There are also two new books in the fabulous My Story series- War Spy and The Battle of Britain.